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Kingston Restaurant Owner Walking for the Wounded

By Brynn Grimley
Posted September 11, 2009 at 12:01AM

Poulsbo - At 55 years old, Patrick Momany is the first to admit he isn’t the ideal picture of health.

So why would the Kingston restaurant owner — who jokes he’s overweight, diabetic and hasn’t done much to prepare physically — choose to walk 60 miles from Poulsbo to Fort Lewis?

For the troops.

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In Kingston, BBQ by the Sea with a Texas Twang

By Deborah Bach, June 2, 2010

Wearing a brimmed hat, dark sunglasses and a long beard, the man sits in a rocking chair, eyeing two visitors as they approach.

“There’s a rising fee,” he growls.

Uh, pardon?

“I charge a rising fee if I have to get up,” he says, then cracks a broad smile. “What can I get for you?”

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DAY HOOK | Kingston

By Deborah Back, June 2, 2010


Lunch on Saturday was a no-brainer. We headed for the wonderfully incongruous TaTu BBQ (11133 NE Maine Ave., at Hwy. 104), a Texas-style barbecue shack just beyond the main commercial strip. Owner Pat Momany, a colorful Missouri native, smokes his meat behind the building in a large home-built oven, layering different types of fruitwood for a complex, rich taste. He also makes and sells rubs and Carolina-style sauces rarely seen in the Northwest, including a mayonnaise-based concoction and a tangy vinegar-based mustard sauce. We parked ourselves at one of two outdoor picnics tables and tried the pork ($6.99) and brisket ($8.50) sandwiches, each of them a heaping half-pound pile of meat served on a sesame bun with coleslaw and a pickle.

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